Muncie South Side AC - 1910

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/05 Mon A Redkey City Team 6-16   L Redkey    
09/11 Sun A Anderson Brocks 0-20   L Anderson Fairgrounds  
      -- Disbanded --            
10/16 Sun A Muncie Magic City AA 5-17 200 L Muncie Westside Park (1)
10/23 Sun A Keystone AC 0-14   L Keystone   (2)
10/30 Sun A Muncie Congerville AC 0-6   L Muncie Westside Park  

The 09/19 edition of the Muncie Evening Press reported that the South Side AA team disbanded and several of their best players joined the Magic City AA team.

(1) The South Side AA cancelled their 10/16 game at Keystone to play the Magic City AA instead

(2) Stillwagon reported that he had scheduled a game at Portland against the Hooligans on the 23rd

The 10/18 Muncie Evening Press reported that Joe Checkeye was elected the team captain and that the team had scheduled a game on 10/23 at Portland and 10/30 at Keystone

Final Record: 0-5-0


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Manager: Jesse Stillwagon - 803 W. Jackson

Colors - sweater was maroon in color with white monogram of "SSAC" on the front inside a circle


Players Name College 09/05 09/11 10/09 10/16 10/23 10/30
Baldwin E (to CAC) p   p/e      
Beoddy, F.       p/sub C    
Bridgeford       p/e E E x
Checkeye, Joe W. capt (to CAC)     p/t T T RT
Daley, Carl prev w/Redkey     p F f x
Dornan, T.   p   p   e LE
Ferman       p/sub      
Fleming       p/g g G LG
Jones, J.   *   p/sub f F FB
Kearns   p   p/t T T x
Lyons, R.   p   p/g G g  
Masters   p          
Morris   p          
Persinger   p          
Shirey   p   p/h H H LH
Spaldwin           C  
Spaulding, A.       p   p C
Stillwagon, Jesse   p   p/h H H RH
Teverbaugh   p   p G G RG
Thornburg, Charles "Old Reliable" Q   p/q Q Q QB
Thornburg, Earl T.       p/sub E E RE
Turner C (to CAC) p   p/c      
Walburn '09 SSAC     p/g h   LT


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game

Joe W. Checkeye - 2714 S. Elm


No game was played on October 9th, as the players were called to practice in preparation of the game on the 16th.


Baldwin, Checkeye and Turner left the team after it was disbanded and went to play for the Congerville AC team.


09/05 - Baldwin(TD), Jones(XP)

09/11 - no scoring for South Side AC

10/16 - Jones(TD)

10/23 - no scoring for South Side AC

10/30 - no scoring for South Side AC


Sources: Muncie Star, Muncie Evening Press

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