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1909 - Final Record:     0-2-0      .000    Mgr.

A mid-October game in Newcastle against the up-and-coming Maxwell-Briscoe team proved to be a disaster for the South-siders, as they came home on the short end of a 25-0 score. Injured in the game, was Kerr of the South Side team, as he sustained a broken shoulder blade, but stayed in the remainder of the game. Another game against the local Magic City AA team logged another loss, this time by a small 3-0 margin.

1910 - Final Record:     0-5-0        Mgr:  Jesse Stillwagon

The 1910 season started early for the South Side AC, as they traveled to Redkey on Labor Day to meet the local city team. Redkey was originally scheduled to play the Magic City AA team, but due to lack of practice by the Magic City team, their manager cancelled the game a few days before it was to be played.

The South Side team lost to Redkey by a score of 16-6. Missing several of their key players, the South Siders were forced to run in substitutes to fill in the lineup. Star quarterback, Thornburg, was out of the line up and this surely made a difference in the score. Needing more practice, all member of the team were requested to report Friday evening at the club room for practice.

The following week, the South Siders traveled to Anderson to face the strong Brock team. Thornburg and his crew were no match for the Brocks, being completely overwhelmed by the score of 20-0 at the local fairgrounds. After 2 disastrous defeats, the local Muncie Evening Press published reports that the team had disbanded and that several of their best players joined the Magic City AA team. With no games scheduled for the rest of September, the reports were right on track.

On October 5th, the Muncie Star reported that the South Side AC team had reorganized and expected to be in shape for a game on the 16th. With some new players and a core of the team that claimed to hold the city and state championships for the past 3 years, the South Siders were anxious to resume play. The word went out to the players to meet at Will Haigh's  barber shop the upcoming Sunday at 8:30am for a meeting and practice.

On October 12th, Manager Stillwagon put out a sweeping notice to any first class team in the state to play the South Side team. Unable to secure a home field to play their games, Stillwagon was forced to play all games on enemy grounds. With the addition of fullback Carl Daley from the Redkey team, the South Siders now had their team set for a game at Keystone on the 16th. Upon hearing that the South Siders had reorganized, Manager Rudolph Bloom of the Magic City AA team contacted Stillwagon for a game at Westside Park also on the 16th. Stillwagon cancelled the game at Keystone and accepted the game with the Magic City AA team, with the winner taking all the gate receipts, after expenses are paid.

On a very warm day, the South Siders lost 17-5 to the Magic City AA team. Fullback Jones scored the only points for the South Side team, as he received a forward pass and ran 35 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter. Goal was missed, as the kick was tried from a difficult angle. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 6-5 in favor of the Magic City boys. Scoring touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters, the game ended with the South Side AC on the short end of the score. The Muncie Star reported that a second game would be played on November 20th between the 2 teams.

On October 18th, Stillwagon reported that he has scheduled a game against the Portland Hooligans to be played in that city on the 23rd. That game did not happen, as the South Siders traveled to Keystone instead to play the local Athletic Club. With little offense, the South Side team dropped the game to Keystone by the score of 14-0. Two touchdowns, a goal kick and a drop kick accounted for Keystones points. Keystone, offering expenses for 15 men and a chicken supper, quickly challenged Gas City, Pennville and the Magic City AA for games to decide the Eastern Indiana championship.

Playing what would be their last game of the season, the South Siders went down to defeat to the Congerville AC team by a score of 6-0 before 800 rabid fans. With the heavy winds blowing across the gridiron, the lone highlight of the game was a 90-yard touchdown run by Louis Hole of Congerville. On the Tuesday after the game, the Muncie Star reported that Joe Checkeye had left the team to join up with the Congerville AC team.

Two year record of the South Side AC was      0-7-0    .000


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