Muncie Offers More AC

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1920 - Final Record: 6-2-1

The 1920 Muncie Offers More AC were a new team in 1920, but proved to be one of the strongest teams in the Gas Belt region. Scheduling their first 7 games on the road, due to the APFA Muncie Flyers having already booked Walnut Park for their games, the OMAC's returned back to Muncie having won 4 games and tied 1 other game. No scores could not be found for 2 other games, against Richmond and Huntington.

By mid-November, the OMAC's were in the race for the Indiana state championship. Decisive wins over Hartford City and the Piqua (OH) team, brought their record to 6-0-1 (5-0-1 in-state record). Next up was a home game against the Sheridan team. Sheridan had been fielding teams since almost the turn of the century. Sheridan won the Thanksgiving game, 16-2, and effectively knocked the OMAC's out of the state championship race. Undaunted, the OMAC's challenged the recently reorganized Muncie Flyers to a game to settle the Muncie city championship.

The Flyers outclassed the OMAC's 24-0 to claim the city championship. The OMAC's finished the season with a very respectable 6-2-1 record and proved to be one of the stronger independent teams in the state.

In the Huntington paper, the team was referred to as "Muncie OMAC of DePaw University", and also referred to as the "Portland Offers More" team.

1921 - Final Record: 5-2-0

The 1921 Muncie Offers More AC started the season with wins over Marion, Kirklin, the strong Indianapolis Football Club and a decisive win over the Newcastle Legion. However, the OMAC's lost the next 2 games by close scores - a 7-0 loss against the Indianapolis Ferndales and a close 7-6 loss against Kokomo, leaving the OMAC's with a 4-2-0 record. A couple of mid-November games were scheduled with Frankfort, but no scores could be found.

Playing a home game at Walnut Park, the OMAC's won over the Piqua (OH) 1st Cavalry team by a relatively close score of 14-6. Another game was scheduled at Walnut park against the Willis Rowlands, a colored team from Indianapolis. No score could be found for this game. the OMAC's finished the season with a respectable 5-2-0 score.


In their brief 2-year history, the OMAC's won 11 games, lost 4 games and tied 1 game. They beat some of the stronger teams in the state, such as Jonesboro, Elwood, Indianapolis Ferndales and Huntington. Their 4 losses being to the strong Sheridan and Muncie Flyers in 1920 and to the Indianapolis Football Club and Kokomo teams in 1921.


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