Muncie Magic City AA - 1910

aka Muncie Magic City Tigers

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/05 Sun A Redkey City Team       Redkey   (1) cancelled
09/25 Sun H Alexandria Tigers 0-0 small T Muncie McCulloch Park (2)
10/02 Sun H Pennville City Team 0-16 200 L Muncie Westside Park  
10/09 Sun A Alexandria Tigers       Alexandria   (3) cancelled
10/16 Sun H Muncie South Side AC 17-5 200 W Muncie Westside Park  
10/23 Sun H Alexandria Tigers 6-0 350 W Muncie Westside Park  
10/30 Sun A Gas City Tigers 0-0 2000 T Gas City    
11/06 Sun H Portland Hooligans 5-0 small W Muncie Westside Park (4)
11/13 Sun H Gas City Tigers 8-0   W Muncie Westside Park  
11/20 Sun H Muncie Avondale Tigers 0-6   L Muncie Westside Park (5) disputed game
11/24 Thu   Muncie Congerville AC       Muncie Westside Park postponed - rain
11/27 Sun   Muncie Congerville AC 0-0 500 T Muncie Westside Park (6)
12/04 Sun   Muncie Avondale Tigers       Muncie Westside Park cancelled - snow

(1) was scheduled to play at Redkey, but cancelled the game because too many players were missing

(2) the Magic City AA was originally scheduled to go to Pennville, but Pennville cancelled the game because relatives of 4 of their players died in a traction accident

(3) this game was cancelled by Magic City because many of their players failed to make an appearance in time for the game. Only 9 appeared. There is talk of disbanding the team

(4) Magic City was scheduled to play a return game against Gas City, but opted to play Portland instead.

(5) originally scheduled to host the Fairmount AC team, but played the Avondale Tigers instead. Avondale claimed they won the game 6-0, however Magic City claimed a 6-6 tie game. A tentative game against Anderson Brocks was also slated for 11/20

(6) Congerville refused to abide by the referees decision and the game was forfeited to Magic City 1-0

Final Record: 4-2-3

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Manager: Rudolph C. Bloom was elected manager of the team on 10/11 - Walter Handley was manager for the 11/20 game - James B. Arbaugh was manager early in the season

Captain: Roy Alexander

Doctor: Dr. R. Bunch


Players Name Wgt College 09/18 09/25 10/02 10/09 10/16 10/23 10/30 11/06 11/13 11/20 11/27
Alexander, Roy 160 Capt. p B H p H H LH LH H H H
Alexander, V.     p       E            
Arbaugh, James B. 126       q p Q Q QB sub Q Q Q
Barth, Ollie 109       T p T T rt RT T T  
Bloom, Rudolph C. 145 Muncie HS - t p     p     LE LE sub   *
Brown, Larry 122     coach   p           sub E
Brownewell, F.     p   Q p              
Camfield, S.   e p                    
Cole, Freddie   Illinois - Muncie HS                      
Fletcher, Harley         H   H H RH RH      
Fletcher, G.                   sub sub    
George, A.   e p                    
Julian, V. 160   p   C p C C C C C C C
Kerr, Stewart   Muncie HS     E p         sub sub *
Knecht, F. "Dutch" 127       E p E E RE RE E E H
Kratzer   g p                    
Lewellen, Earl   e p                    
Lewellen, H.                          
Lewellen, Ira M. 160   p B F p   f FB FB F F F
Lyons, R.     p   G p              
Mahoney, Will             h            
McKinley, Antone "Duke" 168 (Capt.)       p F F LT LT T   T
Miller, Earl   Muncie HS                      
Mowery, R. 140 g p   G p E E     sub E *
Quirk, Ed 198         p T T RT   * T T
Quirk, Patrick 197           g   rg RG * G G
Reoger, G. 203   p       G G RG sub G   *
Risher, H. 158           H            
Risher, L. 175/170 t p   T? p G G LG LG G G G
Risher, Pat 197 t p   T? p?       sub sub(R.)   E(R?)
Scarce, Fred 155                   H H  
Shirey, Jim 145   p B H p              
Shoemaker                       sub  
Thornburg, W.   q p                    
Wulff, William 145 Q p               sub   *
Woodring, Guy 127/135     * E     q   QB E sub *


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game or practiced with the team


"Duke"McKinley played 4 years for the Indianapolis Marion Club before joining the Magic City AA

Freddie Cole was a local fight promoter

William Wulff played for Magic City Tigers last year

Guy Woodring played for MCAA in 1909

Ed Quirk and Patrick Quirk played for SSAC in 1909

Ollie Barth played for Shamrocks in 1909

Roy Alexander played for '09 Shamrocks

Will Mahoney played for the South Side team 4 years ago

Dutch Knecht had a boxing match scheduled for November 22nd for the MCAA

Harley Fletchers left the team after the 11/06 game to relocate to Chicago

Fred Scarce was a start with the Muncie basketball team


09/25 - no scoring by Magic City AA

10/02 - no scoring by Magic City AA

10/09 - no game played

10/16 - McKinley(TD/TD/XP/XPM/XP), Knecht(TD)

10/23 - Risher(TD), Woodring(XP)

10/30 - no points scored

11/06 - Lewellen(TD/MXP), Woodring(XPM)

11/13 - Woodring(FG), Barth(TD)

11/20 - no record of who scored the points


Sources: Muncie Star, Muncie Evening Press

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