Muncie Congerville Flyers - 1916

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten. W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/24 Sun A Elwood Maroons 14-0   Won Elwood Plate Glass Park  
10/01 Sun A Wabash AA 0-25 2000 Lost Wabash Carroll Street Park  
10/08 Sun A Sheridan AC 10-22   Lost Lafayette League Park  
10/15 Sun A Muncie Avondale AA 2-32 400 Lost Muncie Haughey Park (1) maybe 600/2-24
10/22 Sun A Greenfield 0-24   Lost Greenfield Fairgrounds  
10/29 Sun               (2) no game
11/05 Sun A Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes 0-15   Lost Newcastle    
11/12 Sun A Portland AC 0-0   Tied Portland    
11/19 Sun A Muncie Avondale AA 13-12 1000 Won Muncie Haughey Park  
11/26 Sun A Muncie Avondale AA 0-13 1000 Lost Muncie Haughey Park (3) City Championship
11/30 Thu A Anderson Remys 7-32   Lost Anderson Athletic Park (4) unsure of score


(1) conflicting reports show the score as 32-2 or 24-2 and the attendance as 400 or 600

(2) no evidence of a game being played by the Flyers can be found for 10/29

(3) the Flyers lost to the Avondale AA for the Muncie City Championship

(4) unsure of the final game score

Final Record: 2-7-1

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Manager: F.W. Smith


Players Name College 09/24 10/01 10/08 10/15 10/22 11/05 11/12 11/19 11/26 11/30
Allison     FB       FB        
Beoddy     rt   RT LT          
Carter             RE        
Castor                 le    
Checkeye, Lawrence "Toad"     RH   RH QB RH   FB    
Collins           x LE   LE    
Dawson     RG   lg C          
Elliott     le   LE       le    
Ellis         FB            
Finnerty         RG       LG    
Hampton                 LT    
Harkins     re   le            
Hayes           RG          
Hellas             C   C    
Hole c       rt       LH    
Hole, S.         fb FB          
Johnson           RH          
Lawson           RE          
Lewellen             RG   RT    
Lewis, A.           LE          
Lewis, D.         QB   QB        
Lewis, G.     LH   LH   LH   RH    
Lewis, William     QB           QB    
Little, A.     C   C   c        
Littrell, Ed     LG   LG       RG    
McCabe, Lawrence         rh            
McNickols         rg RT          
Murphy     LT   LT x RT   re    
Nichols             LG        
Quirk           LH     RE *  
Scheiner     RT                
Shimer, P.         lt       lt    
Slane, Pete     LE   re            
Smith           LG          
Stevenson         qb            
Thomas(pson)         lh            
Trinerdy     rg                
Tuhey, Ray             LT        
Williams     RE   RE            


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game


Lineups for the 10/15 and 10/22 games are pre-game lineups


11/19 - Checkeye(XP), Quirk(TD/TD)

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