Muncie Congerville Flyers - 1915

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/12 Sun A Union City       Winchester   (1) was game played?
09/19 Sun A Eaton Linebusters 13-6   Won Eaton Riverside Park  
09/26 Sun A Gas City Ramblers 6-6   Tied Gas City   shortened by rain
10/03 Sun A Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes 20-0   Won Newcastle Maxwell Park  
10/10 Sun A Hartford City AC 14-19   Lost Hartford City Lincoln Park  
10/17 Sun A Anderson Remys 0-0   Tied Anderson N. Anderson Park  
10/24 Sun A Greenfield AC 0-0   Tied Greenfield Randall Field  
10/31 Sun A Indianapolis Marion AC 0-26   Lost Indianapolis Federal League Park  
11/07 Sun H Redkey Tigers 61-3 600 Won Muncie Westside Park  
11/14 Sun A Elwood AC 19-18   Won Elwood    
11/21 Sun A Muncie Avondale Dare Devils 7-0   Won Muncie Westside Park  
11/25 Thu H Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes 6-13   Lost Muncie Westside Park (2) maybe 7-13 score


(1) no game account can be found for this game vs. Union City, which was played at nearby Winchester, probably not played

(2) conflicting reports show the score of the game either 13-6 or 13-7, both in favor of Newcastle

Final Record: 5-3-3

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Coach: Ray Tuhey

Manager: F.W. Smith  255-57 Johnson Block, Muncie IN


Players Name College/HS 09/19 09/26 10/03 10/10 10/17 10/24 10/31 11/07 11/14 11/21 11/25
Allis         HB  HB           FB
Beoddy          T  T  LT  RT RT  RT    
Castors         HB  HB            
Checkeye         QB  QB  QB  RH RH  rh   qb
Collins         E  E  LE   RE  RE   le
Davison                       RG
Dawson         G  G  LG  lt LG  lg   C
Elliott         E E  RE   RE  re   LE
Ellis                le LE  le HB  
Gates         G  G    LT LG  LG   lg
Harkins, "Dude"                LE LE  LE   RE
Lawson              RT  LG LT  LT  * LT
Lewis, M. (Capt.)         HB  HB  RH  LH RH  RH   LH
Lewis, William                QB QB  QB   QB
Little, A.         C  C  C  C C  C    
McNichols         G  G  RG  RG RG  RG   LG
Morris         E  E            
Murphy         T  T    lg LT  lt   RT
Quirk, Leo         FB FB FB  FB    FB    
Reynolds                       RH
Slane, Pete               LH  LH    
Solar         T  T            
Thornton                       c


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game


Lineups for the 10/17, 10/24, 10/31 and 11/14 games were lineups from before the game




09/19 - no record of who scored the 13 points

09/26 - no record of who scored the 6 points

10/03 - no record of who scored the 20 points

10/10 - no record of who scored the 14 points

10/17 - no points scored by Flyers

10/24 - no points scored by Flyers

10/31 - no points scored by Flyers

11/07 - Ellis(TD/TD), unknown(7-9 XP), not sure who scored the rest of the points

11/14 - no record of who scored the 19 points

11/21 - Ellis(TD), Lawson(XP)

11/25 - no record of who scored the 6 points


Sources: Muncie Star, Muncie Evening Press, Anderson Herald, Elwood Call-Leader, Newcastle Daily Courier, Hartford City News

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