Muncie Congerville AC - 1914

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten. W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/13 Sun A Redkey Tigers       Dunkirk   (1) - practice game
09/20 Sun H Cincinnati AC       Muncie Westside Park (2) - cancelled
09/27 Sun A Eaton 72-0   Won Eaton Riverside Park  
10/04 Sun H Muncie Industry AC 73-0   Won Muncie Westside Park  
10/11 Sun A Dayton St. Mary's Cadets 0-34   Lost Dayton    
10/18 Sun A Evanston (IL) North Ends 0-54   Lost Chicago DePaul Field  
10/25 Sun               (3) no game
11/01 Sun H Indianapolis Mapleton AC 20-0   Won Muncie Westside Park  
11/08 Sun H Marion Eagles       Muncie Westside Park (4) postponed
11/15 Sun H Marion Eagles 0-0 400 Tied Muncie Westside Park (5) game called early
11/22 Sun H Anderson Big Four Tigers       Muncie Westside Park (6) cancelled
11/26 Thu H Marion Eagles 3-2 450 Won Muncie Westside Park  
11/29 Sun A Fort Wayne Friars 0-38   Lost Fort Wayne League Park  
12/06 Sun H Redkey Tigers 6-0   Won Muncie Westside Park  


(1) - this game was played at Dunkirk - no score is known for this practice game

(2) - the Cincinnati team missed their train to Muncie and could not get another train in time for the game

(3) - due to conflicting dates, the CAC was idle on 10/25

(4) - this game was postponed due to bad weather

(5) - this game was called early in the 4th quarter due to rain

(6) - the day before the game, Anderson called to cancel the game

Final Record: 5-3-1

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Manager: Earl W. Ball

Coach: Ray Tuhey


Players Name HS/College 09/13 09/20 09/27 10/04 10/18 11/01 11/08 11/15 11/22 11/26 11/29
Baldwin, "Chuck"   E RE p RE RE     E RE    
Barnes, John                 RG RG   LG
Brown             QB QB QB QB    
Burns   FB FB p FB FB FB FB FB FB    
Carter               E        
Checkeye, Severin "Coonie" (Captain) QB QB p QB QB LH LH LH RH p QB
Checkeye, Joe "T."   HB LH p LH LHB RH RH RH LH p LH
Clark, "Red"   C C p C              
Cromer   G RG p RG c            
Enright           lg   LT        
Fletcher     LH p RH   LG LH LH RH   rh
Hellas, "Stash"   C C p C RHB C C C C    
Herron   E RE p RE C LE LE LE LE   LE
Hole, Louis "Sarp"           re     LH FB   FB
Julian                       C
Knecht, "Dutch"   E LE p LE   LE RE RE     re
Lewellen           LE   LG LG RG   LT
Quirk, Ed   T RT p RT   RT RT RT LT   RT
Quirk, Pat   G LG p FB RT LG LG LG LG    
Reynolds, Bobby   HB RH p RH RG RE RE RE     RH
Risher, L. "Log"   T LT p LT rhb LT LT   RT    
Rowe   G       lt     LT LG    
Smith     LT   LG   RG RG RG RG   RG
Turner, Fred   T RT p LT LG LT/C C C RT    
Veach (Anderson)         LT   B        
Wright   HB RHB p LHB   RE   LT LT   RE


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game


inj - Knecht and Risher were injured in the 10/11 game against Dayton and did not play on 10/18 against Evanston

On 10/25, Coonie Checkeye played for the Muncie Avondale Tigers (AA)


Scoring - 11/26 S. Checkeye(FG)


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