Muncie Congerville AC - 1911

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/04 Mon   Muncie Flyers 33-0   W Muncie    
09/10 Sun               (1)
09/17 Sun               no game?
09/24 Sun H Newcastle Company K 21-0   W Muncie Westside Park (2)
10/01 Sun H Muncie Avondale Tigers       Muncie Westside Park cancelled - rain
10/08 Sun H Alexandria Tigers 17-0 700 W Muncie Westside Park  
10/15 Sun H Dunkirk All-Stars 33-0 900 W Muncie Westside Park (3)
10/22 Sun H Muncie Avondale Tigers 0-0 500 T Muncie Westside Park  
10/29 Sun H Muncie City Team 5-0   W Muncie Westside Park  
11/05 Sun H Newcastle Company K 32-0   W Muncie Westside Park  
11/12 Sun A Gas City Tigers       Gas City   cancelled - weather
11/19 Sun H Muncie Avondale Tigers 0-0 600 T Muncie Westside Park  
11/23 Thu A Wabash AA 0-17   L Wabash Carroll Street Field  
11/26 Sun H Redkey Boosters 30-0   W Muncie Westside Park  
11/30 Thu A Muncie Avondale Tigers       Muncie Westside Park (4) cancelled - weather
12/03 Sun H Muncie Avondale Tigers       Muncie Westside Park (5) Avondale no show
12/10 Sun   Muncie Avondale Tigers       Daleville   cancelled - muddy field

1 - Congerville challenged the Warner Gear team for a game on the Congerville field

2 - Congerville was originally scheduled to play Eaton, but played Newcastle instead
3 - Baldwin suffered a serious hip injury in the 10/15 game against Dunkirk
4 - Congerville appeared, but Avondale did not. The referees forfeited the game to Congerville. Avondale protested, claiming that the contract stated that the game would not be played if the weather was bad
5 - the Avondale Tigers did not show up for the game and were under the impression that a game was not scheduled. Congerville was scheduled to play the Anderson Brocks, but Congerville cancelled to play the Avondale Tigers

Final Record: 7-1-2

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Manager: Earl W. Ball 3113 S. Madison St. Muncie IN

Players Name HS/Col 09/04 09/24 10/08 10/15 10/22 10/29 11/05 11/19 11/23 11/26
Baldwin, Ellison "Chuck"   * RE le RE       RH   re
Barnes, John     RG RG RG RG RG RG RG RG LG
Bunch     LT rt lt rt rt/re LT     lt
Burns             LE re RE RE RE
Checkeye, Joe W.   * LH RH(t) LH(t) LH LH LH LH LH LH
Checkeye, Severin "Coonie"     QB QB QB QB QB QB QB QB QB
Chilton                     RT
Collins, "Pearl"     re RE LG re   LE      
Deveraux       LT              
Hellas, Stanley     C C C C C C C C C
Hilton, William "Bill"     lt RT LT RT lt RT      
Hole, Louis "Sarp"   * FB FB FB FB FB FB FB FB FB
Knecht   * LE re LE LE LE le LE LE LE
Litteral     LG LG lg LG LG LG LG LG RG
Reynolds, Bobby     RH LH RH RH RH RH   RH RH
Smith 180lb           LT rt LT LT rt
Sowars, Claude 106lb   le LE re RE   RE      
Turner, Fred     RT lt RT LT RT lt RT RT LT


* - played in game, position unknown (T. Checkeye was RH for 10/08 game)

p - was called to practice before the game

Baldwin was employed at the American Lawn Mower factory

Scoring (touchdowns were worth 5 points in 1911):


09/04 - no record of who scored the 32 points

09/10 - no game?

09/17 - no game?

09/25 - no record of who scored the 21 points

10/08 - Knecht TD(2)/XP(2-3), Baldwin TD

10/15 - Hole TD/TD, Turner TD, Checkeye TD, Reynolds TD, Knecht TD

10/22 - none

10/29 - J. Checkeye TD

11/05 - Checkeye TD/XP, Hole TD, Sowers XP, Knecht MFG, Bunch TD

11/19 - Knecht MFG

11/23 - none

11/26 - Reynolds TD(3), Knecht TD/FG/XP(2-5), J. Checkeye TD


Sources: Muncie Evening Press, Muncie Star, Indianapolis Star, Newcastle Daily Courier

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