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1910 - Final Record:     11-0-1   1.000   Mgr:  Earl W. Ball        

click here for 1910 team picture - courtesy of the John Barnes family. Barnes played for the CAC from 1910-15

The 1910 Congerville AC team did not have a touchdown scored against then the entire season. The only blemish was a 3-pointer in mid-September scored by the local Whitley AC team. The CAC won the first 11 games in a row and the last game was scheduled for Thanksgiving afternoon against the Magic City AA team for the city championship. After playing 3 scoreless quarters, an argument occurred late in the game and the CAC team refused to abide by the referees decision. Refusing to retake the field, the referee forfeited the game to the Magic City team, 1-0.

1911 - Final Record:     7-1-2      .875    Mgr. Earl W. Ball

The 1911 Congerville AC team enjoyed another fine season, losing only one game and tying two others. Their only loss was to the powerful Wabash AA on Thanksgiving day. Congerville outscored their opponents 140-17, with the 17 points scored upon them by the Wabash AA team. Congerville opened the season with a easy win over a local Muncie team. Then, after a few weeks layoff, Congerville easily beat the Newcastle Company K team, the Alexandria Tigers and the Dunkirk All-Stars. Up next a match for the city championship against the Avondale Tigers. The game ended in a scoreless tie. After beating another local Muncie team and a second win over the Newcastle Company K team, a game was scheduled on the road against the Gas City Tigers. However, this game was cancelled due to weather. The following week, the second game against the Avondale Tigers resulted in another scoreless tie. Sporting a 6-0-2 records, the Congervilles went to Wabash on Thanksgiving day. They returned home on the short end of a 17-0 score. After a win against the Redkey Boosters, the Congervilles tried 3 times to play a game with the Avondale Tigers for the city championship. Each time the game was cancelled due to bad weather of a bad field. The city championship would have to wait until the next year.

1912 - Final Record:     6-3-2      .667    Mgr: Earl W. Ball

For 1912, the Congerville AC upgraded their schedule to include more of the states top teams. The Congervilles played the Gas City Tigers, Marion Eagles, Fort Wayne Friars, Wabash AA and the Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes. Playing a stronger scheduled, Congerville finished with a respectable 6-3-2 record. Congerville started the season with a tight 3-0 win over the Muncie Grizzlies, a colored team. A game against the Gas City Tigers was rained out, but the two teams played on the last week of September and the Congervilles won 14-6. Following a week off, the team traveled to Marion and came home with a 7-7 tie. The next week was a big test with a game at Fort Wayne against the powerful Friars team. The Friars won handily 27-13. Rebounding from that loss, the Congervilles won easily the next week, 55-0, against the Dunkirk City team. Playing a return game at home against the Marion Eagles, the game resulted in another tie, this time the game was scoreless.

1913 - Final Record:     8-2-0      .800    Mgr: Earl W. Ball    - Indiana State Champions

The 1913 Congerville AC...

1914 - Final Record:     5-3-1      .625    Mgr: Earl W. Ball

The 1914 Congerville AC...

1915 - Final Record:     8-2-1      .800    Mgr: Earl W. Ball

The Congerville AC proved to be in the middle of the pack, as Indiana independent teams go. Starting off with 2 decisive victories over neighboring teams by a combined score of 66-0, the Congervilles took a week off and then the next game at Wabash was cancelled due to rain. Traveling to Bluffton and Young America, the Congervilles tacked on 2 more impressive wins by a combined score of 93-0. Outscoring their opponents 159-0 in the first 4 games, the Congervilles were ready to take on a stronger team. Traveling to Fort Wayne, the Friars demolished the Congervilles 109-0!. Clearly the Friars were in a different class than Congerville.

Because of the disastrous defeat at the hands of the Friars, the Wabash AA cancelled the 2-game series with Congerville scheduled for October 31st and November 14th. Shaking off the clobbering by the Friars, the Congervilles were home for 3 of the next 4 games. Winning all 4 games by a combined score of 258-18, the Congervilles erased the memory of the Fort Wayne defeat and displayed an impressive 8-1-0 record to date. In mid-November, start quarterback Coonie Checkeye left the team and signed up with the Fort Wayne Friars after the Friars lost quarterback Skeet Lambert to injury. Checkeye played 2 games with the Friars, winning against Ann Arbor and a tie game against Wabash AA.

Feeling pretty good about themselves, the Congervilles scheduled a game at Cincinnati against the powerful Celts. Again, a stronger opponent brought the Congervilles back to earth, with a 48-0 victory for the Celts. The other team in town of any note was the Congerville Flyers. After the Flyers chalked up a victory over the Redkey Tigers by a score of 61-3, (the same team that the CAC beat in the first game of the season 54-0), the Flyers were hurling defies at the CAC for a Thanksgiving city championship game. Ignoring the defies, the CAC went ahead and scheduled a Turkey day game against the Anderson Remy team in Anderson. The Remys were in the same class as the Congervilles and the game ended in a 0-0 tie.

The 1915 season can be summarized quickly. 4 easy wins against lesser teams, 1 crushing loss against a powerful team, another 4 easy wins against lesser teams, followed by another crushing loss against a powerful team, then a tie with a team of similar caliber. 8 wins produced a combined score of 417-18, but the 2 losses produced a combined score of 157-0 in the opposite direction.

The nearby Anderson Herald had the Congerville AC ranked as the 4th best team in the state, behind Pine Village, Wabash AA and the Fort Wayne Friars. Those 3 teams were clearly first-rate teams. The second tier of teams consisted of the Congerville AC, Anderson Remys, Elkhart AC, Hammond Clabbys, Goshen Shamrocks, Indianapolis Marion Club, Newcastle Maxwell-Briscoes and South Bend Independents.

The 1915 Congerville AC and the 1915 Congerville Flyers merged for 1916 and retained the name of the Congerville Flyers. Earl Ball continued on and managed the Congerville Flyers. Both the Congerville AC and the Congerville Flyers teams provided the nucleus for the 1920 Muncie Flyers, one of the original 14 teams of the APFA.

Six year record of the Congerville AC was      45-11-7    .803


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