Muncie Avondale Tigers - 1912

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Date Day H/A Opponent Score Atten W/L/T Location Field Comments
09/29 Sun A Redkey Boosters 0-0   T Redkey   aka Redkey Boosters
10/06 Sun A Gas City Tigers       Gas City   scheduled
10/13 Sun   Muncie Linebusters 19-0   W Muncie    
10/20 Sun A Dunkirk City Team 22-0   W Dunkirk    
10/27 Sun               no game scheduled
11/03 Sun A Middletown Independents 0-18   L Middletown    
11/10 Sun A Gas City Tigers     L Gas City   unsure of score
11/17 Sun A Winchester Woodbury Specials AC       Winchester    
11/24 Sun               no game scheduled?
11/28 Thu A Muncie Congerville AC 6-21   L Muncie Westside Park  
12/01 Sun               no game scheduled?
12/08 Sun A Muncie Congerville AC       Muncie Westside Park (1) cancelled


1 - game was mutually called off because acceptable arrangements could not be made by both teams

Final Record: 2-3-1

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Coach: Ray Tuhey selected coach on 11/11

Manager: Witt George 112 North Mulberry St, Muncie IN, also Mgr. Duffy


Players Name HS/Col 09/29 10/13 10/20 11/03 11/10 11/17 11/24 11/28 11/30 12/03
Beltschi capt RE                  
Clark   c             lg    
Cromer   RG             C    
Dorian   RH                  
Duffy   fb             QB    
Horn   LH             RH    
Kerr   RT *           LH    
Laduran   LT                  
Lamb   LE             re    
Linker   LG                  
Morrett   rh             RE    
Morris                 LG    
Norman   C                  
Phillips   lh             LE    
Quirk, Ed                 LT    
Quirk, P.                 RT    
Shirey                 lh    
Smith   FB *           FB    
Teverbaugh lg lg                  
Thornburg qb QB                  
Tuhey     *                
Wright lt lt                  


* - played in game, position unknown

p - was called to practice before the game




09/29 - no scoring by Avondale

10/06 - no game scheduled

10/13 - no record of who scored the 13 points

10/20 - Tuhey(TD), Kerr(TD), Smith(TD), Lamb(XP)

10/27 - no game scheduled

11/03 - no scoring by Avondale

11/10 - unknown score

11/17 - scheduled

11/24 - no game?

11/28 - E. Quirk(TD)


Sources: Muncie Evening Press, Muncie Star

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